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Sonnet Echo Express III-R TB2 PCIe, Rackmount, 3 Slots (#15358)

• Rackmount Erweiterungsgehäuse mit Thunderbolt 2

• Ext. Anschlüsse zwei Thunderbolt-Ports für Daisy Chaining

• Für 3 PCIE Karten (mit voller Länge, voller Höhe und einfacher Breite)

Unser Preis: 840,- € Netto (999,60 € inkl. USt.)

Key Features

• Provides PCIe Card Expansion — Use high-performance PCIe cards with Thunderbolt-equipped computers
• Thunderbolt 2 Interface — Maximum performance with computers with Thunderbolt 2 technology, backward compatible with host computers and other devices equipped with 10Gbps Thunderbolt technology
• Three PCIe Slots — Supports three full-length, full-height, single-width cards, or one double-width card plus one single-width card
• Remarkably Quiet — Large, temperature-controlled, variable-speed fans that automatically cool the cards, plus computer-modeled design that reduces airflow turbulence and velocity, combine to provide quieter cooling for all cards
• Integrated Universal Power Supply — Built-in 300W power supply with 75W auxiliary power connector
• Rugged Steel Housing — Provides robust and secure protection for any environment
• Every Thunderbolt — Compatible Card Supported—Works with every Thunderbolt-compatible PCIe card, regardless of length or height
• 5-Year Warranty Included at No Extra Cost — No extra charge for full 5-year warranty