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HP Z4 G4 (6-Core) Xeon W-2133 3.6 /32GB/512TurboM2/P2000 (#G17065)

2.390,00 € Netto

2.844,10 € inkl. USt.

AVID, Adobe & BlackMagic zertifizierte 6-Core Z4...

HP Z4 G4 (6-Core) Xeon W-2133 3.6 /32GB/512TurboM2/P4000 (#G17066)

2.650,00 € Netto

3.153,50 € inkl. USt.

AVID, Adobe & BlackMagic zertifizierte 6-Core Z4...

HP Z4 G4 (6-Core) Xeon W-2133 3.6 /32GB/512TurboM2/ohne Grafikkarte (#G13503)

1.990,00 € Netto

2.368,10 € inkl. USt.

AVID, Adobe & BlackMagic zertifizierte 6-Core Z4...

Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio PRO 4K (#17072)

2.440,00 € Netto

(2.903,60 € inkl. USt)

Video-Mischer & Switcher für Live...

JVC GY-LS300 Super 35mm Cinema-4K Camcorder (# 15675)

2,100,- € Netto

(2.499,00 € inkl. USt.)

nur so lange Vorrat reicht


Bilgi-Mobile-Videoworkstation IV mit 6-Core Desktop-Prozessor (G16904)

1.973,95, € Netto

(2.349,- € inkl. USt.)

Mobile Version unserer Videoworkstation-III mit :


Bilgi-Mobile-Videoworkstation IV mit 8-Core Desktop-Prozessor (G17094)

2.510, € Netto

(2.986,90 € inkl. USt.)

Mobile Version unserer Videoworkstation-III mit :


Bilgi 2018 Supermicro DaVinci Resolve Referenz Workstation (#17051)

Von BlackMagic-Design empfohlene Supermicro DaVinci Resolve Workstation mit 28-Cores Intel XEON und...

Bilgi Videoworkstation-V 4K / 8-Cores /GTX 1060 (G17028)

1.760,50 € Netto

2.095,- € inkl. USt.

Unsere 8-Core VideoWorkstation mit 3,6 GHz 8-Core Intel i7...

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel (#16648)

Ein kompaktes professionelles Bedienpult mit drei ultrapräzisen, gewichteten Trackballs und 12...

Bilgi-Mobile Videoworkstation mit 6-Core Notebook-Prozessor (#17089)

1.676,47 € Netto

(1.995,- € inkl. USt.)

Unser 4K Editing Notebook mit :

• 17,3" Full-HD IPS...

LaCie 12big Thunderbolt 3

48 TB : 3.150,- Netto (3.748,50 inkl. USt)

72 TB : 4.150,- Netto (4.938,50 inkl. USt)

96 TB :...

JVC JY-HM360E Full HD CMOS Camcorder (# 16780)

1.090,- € Netto

(1.297,10 € inkl. USt.)

1/2,3" Full HD CMOS Camcorder mit 19-fach Zoomobjektiv...

NewTek 3Play 440 (#15308)

Das neues 3Play System: 4-Eingänge, 2-Ausgänge 2 Zoll Rackmount System mit dem Workflow und den Funktionalitäten eines 3Play 4800 !!! (tags, social media publishing, transitions usw.)


Komplette 2 Zoll Rackmount Live Sport Produktionssystem

The same set of sports production tools as 3Play 4800—but sized and priced for smaller programs—make 3Play 440 a complete, integrated sports production system for mobile and regional producers who deliver small to mid-sized live sports.

With more real-time capabilities than any multi-camera replay server all packed into a single turnkey solution, 3Play 440 raises the ceiling for visual quality, format flexibility, and revenue opportunities for organizations with smaller budgets—even in standalone environments.

3Play 440 allows regional and mobile broadcasters, colleges and conferences, and mid-size venues to experience greater creative freedom, integrate smoothly into any location, and produce stunning slow motion, instant replay, in-game highlights and social media sports at any speed on any screen – serving officials, fans, and sponsors alike.

  • Integrated Mobile Sports Production
    Produce sports programs in a single solution with a small footprint, doing the work of multiple systems with its 4-camera ISO recording in high-quality QuickTime in native HD resolution, 140 hours of HD storage and playback, pristine slow motion, multi-camera replay switching, media publishing, highlights creation, camera color correction and more.
  • Self-Contained Live Shows
    Perform essential end-to-end game production with the smallest crew, use 3Play 440 to switch the game for up to 4 cameras, in both live and replay segments; add internal and external sources to play back clips, effects, overlays and transitions; include titles and scoreboard feeds from across the field or over the network; and provide the highlights to social media networks, all in real time.
  • Multi-angle Switching
    Built-in, multi-view monitoring and switching of every live video source and captured content channel. Preview and switch between every angle simultaneously from either the UI or the controller. Custom animated transitions and 3D warping video effects.
  • Automation & Control
    One-click macros to trigger complicated or frequently performed actions and sequences. Support of MIDI devices, compatible with Advanced Media Protocol (AMP) to control clip and playlist actions remotely.
  • Intuitive Clip Access
    Cut up to 30% of extraneous keystrokes and save time, with 3Play 440’s FastClip context-aware text field. Renaming, searching for, or moving a clip, FastClip uses what you’re typing to automatically determine what to do.
  • Integrate Anywhere
    3Play 440 adapts to any space, link into scoreboard feeds, MAM systems, and other devices. Routers can expand camera count beyond four, while our SDK opens up workflows with more external applications and fewer workarounds. In connected environments, NewTek TriCaster detects 3Play 440, performs connection-aware configurations automatically, shares playlist duties, executes shared batches of commands, and automates playback sequences—making an exponentially bigger show possible, even in the smallest spaces.