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NewTek Tricaster mini Advanced SDI Bundle Promo (#16907)


Kleinste Live-Produktion Studio mit 16 Kanal Mischer, 4 SDI + 2 Netrwork Live Eingängen :

- Tricaster Mini HD-4 SDI

- Tricaster Mini Control-Surface

- Tricaster Mini Transport-case

- Advanced Edition Software

Unser Preis: 8.990,- € Netto (10.698,10 € Brutto)

NewTek Tricaster mini HD4i Advanced

Live-Produktion Studio mit 4 HDMI Live Eingängen und 16 Kanal Mischer. Inkl. Advanced Software

Unser Preis: 6.495,- € Netto (7.729,05 € Brutto)

NewTek Tricaster 8000 Version 2

4-channel, 8 inputs + 2 iVGA, IsoCorder 8-channel. 8M/E Buses with Re-Entry, TransWarp effects, External video router support, Recordable Macros, Hotspots and Motion Tracking, 3D video production, Social network publishing....


LIGHTWAVE 3D® Model | Animate | Render eleven Full Version (#13998)

Model, Animate, Render, 32-bit PC, 32-bit Pac and 64-bit PC. USB Duo Key and electronic Hi-res PDF manuals in English (MAC/Windows).

Unser Preis: auf Anfrage

StreamStar Software (lifetime licence) (#15826)

Aktionspreis gilt so lange unser Vorrat reicht

495,- € Netto

(589,05 inkl. USt)

Live Produktion, Replay & Streaming Software

Unser Preis: 495,- € Netto ( 589,05 inkl. USt)

Stremstar Software ist das modernste, innovative und vielseitige Live-Produktion und Streaming-Software, das Benutzern ermöglicht, auf einfache Weise professionell, Multi-Kamera Live-Videoproduktionen zu verwirklichen und streamen. Breites Spektrum an Produktivitätsfunktionen, sehr hohe Geschwindigkeit und die intuitive Benutzeroberfläche ermöglichen eine einfache Bedienung.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen interface
  • 4x IP stream input (no capture device needed)
  • 4x HDMI and/or HD-SDI input with additional capture devices
  • IP Video Stream Inputs from JVC streaming camcorders support
  • IP Input for SCOREPLUS – scores, timers and titles app.
  • External Signal Ingest with Keying (for PowerPoint, Keynote, Skype, GoPro or even a smart phone camera etc.)
  • 1x HDMI/Display Port Video Out - multiview or PGM (GPU based)
  • up to 1080p streaming @ maximum 10 Mbps
  • HD-SDI video out with additional output devices
  • Cut / Crossfade / Transitions Automated Switching Modes
  • Instant Replays with Slow Motion Playback on all cameras
  • Dynamic Replay Camera Switching
  • Sequential Replay Playback with Automation
  • Replays Recording on all cameras
  • Replay Lead in / out Animations
  • Replays Matrix Playout system with Playlists
  • Ingest on/off Automation in replays
  • Monetizing System with Advertising statistics
  • 4 layers of DSK – CG / images / animations with transparency
  • Internal Character Generator with templates
  • Instant, unlimited Video Clips Playback – No transcoding!
  • Unlimited Playlists – Media management/playout system
  • PIP and Split Screen Layouts
  • Integrated JVC camcorder Remote Control
  • HD Recording (PGM)
  • ISO Recording (all cameras)
  • PGM Stream Recording (simultaneous)
  • 2nd display Multiview Grid
  • Multi framerate 50fps / 60fps operation
  • True 4:4:4:4 ARGB Video processing
  • Full featured Audio Mixer
  • Built-in Proprietary Streamstar® Encoder
  • Popular Streaming Platforms Integration
  • Touch Screen control, Single operator production
  • Keyboard shortcuts


Unterstützte I/O Geräte:

  • AJA
  • Blackmagic Design
  • bluefish 444
  • DekTec
  • Deltacast
  • JVC
  • Magewell
  • Matrox